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Business Benefits

Simplify your Demand Forecasting Process with thouSense!

thouSense harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver accurate demand forecasts for your business in just a few clicks!

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Demand Forecasts in a few Clicks
With our intuitive UI, user can quickly upload their historical demand data along with the hierarchical files and generate a forecast in no time.
demand forecasting
Forecast Reports for the business users
Configure your forecasting reports at different levels that are most meaningful for your business.
demand forecasting
Zero Artificial Intelligence Skill Required
Our advanced Artificial Intelligence engine combine with our intuitive UI allows you to harness the power of AI to generate your demand forecasts without any prior knowledge of statistics or machine learning
demand forecasting
Schedule and Recompute as per your needs
thouSense allows the users to schedule their demand forecasts. We send out email alerts to the users once the forecast run starts as well as when it is completed. Schedule a run and get your demand forecasts delivered to you before a crucial planning meeting. Whether you wish to run your projects every day, week or month, with our scheduling tool this will be done automatically. By scheduling the runs at a specific moment of the day (or night) this also allows you to always have your reports ready when you need them, without waiting.
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Artificial Intelligence Enabled Forecasting Technology
We combine your internal sales data with external data sets like economic drivers relevant to your industry, and weather data to generate an accurate forecast for your SKUs.

Try It Yourself.

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Subject Matter Experts as a Service
Our team of subject matter experts deliver hands-on assistance with everything you may need to generate accurate demand forecasts. Be it economic indicators research or other factors relevant to your business. Our Select account users get an end-to-end managed solution that helps them generate incremental for their business.
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KPI dashboards for your business
We work closely with our clients to help them visualize their key KPIs via a dashboard to help them take informed business decisions.
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Export your reports
Utilize the reports generated by our forecasting solution and export them as a flat file (CSV) for your other planning process and operations.