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Quickly predict your sales volume and demand trends with our Artificial Intelligence based SaaS platform.

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Business Benefits

thouSense's demand forecasting SaaS solution can minimize waste, increase sales, and enhance business efficiency and profitability.

demand forecasting

Reduce Stock outs and Inventory

Accurate demand forecasts allow you to order just enough stock to satisfy demand and reduce your cost of inventory as you won't be overstocking or understocking.

demand forecasting

Improve Service Levels

Get insights into your future demands (as far as 24 months) and plan ahead to reduce last-minute rush orders.

demand forecasting

Free up Planner Capacity

Eliminate manual tasks/activities through one-touch demand forecast feature of thouSense allowing them to focus only on the exception SKUs.

demand forecasting

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Lesser 'Out of Stocks' & on time fulfillment enabled by accurate demand forecasting will improve your brand reputation by several notches.

demand forecasting

Increased Revenue and Profits

Never miss out on any order or burden your warehouses with excess inventory, instead use our AI/ML demand planning to increase your revenues and bottom line.

demand forecasting

KPI Dashboard for your Business

We help our customers visualize their most important KPIs along with the forecasts, allowing them to focus on demand planning for their business and take informed business decisions.

How It Works

Easy and Intuitive Process

demand forecasting

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Our Plans

We offer great features with best-in-class pricing

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  • Data Ingestion - Flat Files Support (CSV)

  • Technical and Functional Assistance

  • Accuracy Reports

  • Forecast Run Scheduling

  • Forecast Run Email Alerts

  • Forecast Report at Multiple Cuts

  • Data at Glance

thouSense plan
  • All Offerings of Basic Plan

  • Research for Macroeconomic Indicators

  • Research for Weather Indicators

  • Create Business KPI Reports by Utilizing Add On Datasets

  • Custom Deployment

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